terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2007

Part 1- PROJECT: Listening sites

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We know listening in English can be a challenge to all Brazilian learners. Our objective with this project suggested by Mary Hillis is to show students they can practise listening not only in the classroom but also in their homes. And most of all, by having students visit different sites they can share their discoveries.

Visit one of these sites and write a report saying your name, the name of the site, the date you did the activity, the topic of the listening, a summary of the listening, a list of new vocab + meaning and your reaction to it.

Suggested sites

http://www.elllo.org/english/Mixer.htm Mixer

http://www.elllo.org/english/NewCenter.htm News

http://www.elllo.org/english/Points.htm Talking Points

http://www.elllo.org/english/0701.htm Interviews

http://cla.univ-fcomte.fr/english/dictations/realenglish/realindex.htm Video dictations

http://cla.univ-fcomte.fr/english/tvcoms/index.htm TV commercials (from the 60s)

http://www.manythings.org/listen/ Listen and read along

http://wordchamp.com/lingua2/Drill.do?kind=18&packIDs=167111&fromID=13&demo=true Verb Drill

http://www.lingual.net/lingualproductitems/ Learning English through movies

http://elementary.anglesonline.org/ Grammar activities + music activities

http://elementary.anglesonline.org/ Cinema

http://perso.orange.fr/michel.barbot/hotpot/movies.htm Listening dictation (movies)

http://www.tiu.ac.jp/org/labo/ede/ Listening to different speakers

http://www.dianewallis.podomatic.com Listenings for beginners

http://www.eslvideo.com/view_quiz.php?id=51 Watch the video and do a quiz

Remember, you´ll be presenting a report to your classmates during the month of June. Have a good time.
These are students involved in the LISTENING PROJECT

What do you think of our project? Register your impressions in the cbox on the sidebar. The comments area will be used by students to write down their reports.

quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2007

Revision Exercises

Click on the link below in order to study a bit more. Remember the test covers UNIT 8. You can practise grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and even play games.

segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2007

Revision for the second written test

If you want to print it click on the printer button.

terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2007


This week we practised some telephone conversations in class. Here is a video I found in YOUTUBE about a little boy pretending to be talking on the telephone with his dog. Watch the video and try to identify the PURPOSE the telephone call (Why does the dog call the little boy?)
Vocabulary: to RSVP= to give an answer to an invitation, either accepting or refusing it.

If you can´t hear it properly, just click on the link below:

CLICK HERE to read the dialogue of a telephone conversation we´re going to practise in class.

Right below is the recording of a telephone conversation roleplayed in class. Well done, Solange and Diogo!

Listen to the conversation and try to answer the following questions:
* Where are they going together?
* What time are they going to meet?
* Where are they going to meet?

sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2007

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

In other words: Do you you go to bed early and wake up early? Or are you someone who loves partying ´till late at night? This week we talked about that in class. This is a listening exercise where people from 6 different countries answer the same question. Try the listening and answer the questions. How well did you do?