sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2007

Talking about FOOD!

What do you eat a lot of? What do you think you don´t eat enough? What do you eat too much of? What´s your favourite food/ dish? Write something about your diet and then record it. Don´t be shy! It´ll be great to hear you. Just click on the record button and use your mic.
If you don´t have a microphone, type your text in the comments area below.
Listen to a text written by Aurélio. CLICK HERE

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Julieni disse...

Dear teacher and friends
I'm sorry but I'm problem with microphone so I writte about my favourite food:
I eat too much rice and beans, It's good for my health, but I don't drink enough milk for my health. I drink much water and I don't drink any cachaça. I drink a little pop drink because I prefer juice.
My favourite food is Brasilian Food:
rice, beans, beef, chips and salad.


Ana Maria disse...
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Ana Maria disse...

No problem Julieni, it´s great to read about you anyway. We have something in common, I don´t drink cachaça either hahahaha. You have a very healthy habit which is drinking water, great for you!

Ana Maria disse...

Hello Dennis, I´ve included the question you suggested. Thanks for the prompt contribution!

joseantoniook disse...

Hi dear Ana Maria and Students,

Your blog is great. About what I eat a lot. I would say I eat a lot of fruit. Nowadays, I am eating a lot of tangerines and melon and watermelon. I guess I don not eat enough salad, especially because I am always in a hurry when I eat lunch and also because I always eat in restaurants and have one serving only.
Hugs from Brazil

Lauriane Batista disse...


I going to speak out with my eating habits. I eat too much chocolate, sugars but it isn't health for my life, but I love it. I eat too much watermelon, melon, apple and many fruits it's very good for my health. I drink enough milk, because I don't like too much and I don't drink any beer because it's not good for my life. I drink much water, I drink a lot of juice, and a few coke. My favorite food is lazanha, pasta, rice and beans.


Júlia Diniz disse...

Hllo teacher and friends, I going to speak out with my eating habits. I eating a lot of health food, I drink a lot of water everry day. I don´t like a fat food, but I love candy´s.
I don´t smoke, don´t drink alcoholic drinks,because it´s a verry bad habit.
I love fruits and like some vegetables, I do some exercise such as dance and cooper.
My favorite food it´s China Food.
I love do my health life!
Kisses to everybody!

Ana Maria disse...

This is a thank you message to all visitors to our voicethread and blog.


marta disse...

Hello teacher and friends!!!!
I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day. I don't like a fat food. I drink much water and cooke, but I don't smoke. I do exercise every day, and I prefer do at morning. So i love do exercise and my favorite food is salad and fruits.
Bye, Bye

Cmila disse...

I lke eat a lot of times a day but not a lot of. I eat to many pasata and meat. I love fish and chocolate!! My problesm is I don´t like a few vegetables! I don´t eat any "chips", "chiclets" and alcoholic drinks!


Camila disse...

Dear teacher!
The text of "9 de Maio de 2007 14:21 " It´s for me(Camila)!!

Thank you!

polyana disse...

Let me tell you about what I eat. I love chocolate so I eat a lot of it, unfortunately I'm on a diet now, so I can't eat any, yeah, i know, it's so sad, but it is for a good reason, so no problem. I think I don't eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, at least, not the necessary. I don't drink so much water, but I'm tring to change.
And about my favorite food, no doubt, it is macaroni.


Anaisa Mendonça disse...

Hi teacher and students.
I like so much rice, pasta, pizza, and salad, I control my alimentation every day because is not good to my health. I eat very, very much salad, I drink coke sometimes, and juice with vodka on weekends. I love water, and juice. I hate coconut and cashew. I prefer white chocolate. I eat too much salad and fruits, because I love.
Kisses, Anaisa